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with EMC Styleworks (Style Works) 2000 / Styleworks XT you can take an arrangement style from a Roland, Yamaha, Korg, Ketron, General Music, Technics, or Wersi keyboard and automatically convert it to work on your keyboard. With the same program you can also take any part of a MIDI file song and turn any section into an intro/ending, variation, or fill in for your own keyboard! Fully upgraded for the latest keyboards including Tyros 1, KN7000, Roland E80, G70.

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    Guest 7 years ago

    Hi.. i'm Gerai Midi, i'm a keyboard player and Maybe i'm the one of hundred peoples who used style works 2000 universal software, i make keyboard style from it for my job with result very amazing and very usefull, but... i see this software couldn't make style from midi file with midi in different tempo same as like as that midi file, it just do same tempo, my 1st question is Could this software make a style file with different tempo based a midi file with different tempo too? My second question is why this software could't make intro or ending in MINOR cord? if it can, how do it works? I need the answer immediatly, and thanx alot the person who want to help my problem with this sofware. regards

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